Our Cause

Human Trafficking

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Issue in Focus

Human trafficking is the number 1 growing criminal activity in the U.S. High demand, lucrative returns for criminals, and a ‘commodity’ that can be sold more than once, trafficking is quickly replacing drug sales. Traffickers target women and men online, at local events, at gathering places like shopping centers, and through inter-personal relationship access.  

The average victim entry age is between 14 and 16. Area prosecutions and ‘stings’ have shown the problem is happening in our area; in 2015 6 children were rescued and 3 traffickers prosecuted during the National Western Stock Show.

Zonta in Action

NECCAT (Northeast Colorado Coalition Against Trafficking) s our local response. Founded and sponsored by Zonta of Greeley, NECCAT includes 7 local and national law enforcement entities and 33 victim-service-providing agencies. The coalition works to support victims as they are rescued, stop demand, educate and advocate. Communication within NECCAT and to affected communities is critical to avoid duplication and maximize resources to fight trafficking.

NECCAT’s next project is working to bring together an online resource network to connect advocate requests with willing giving communities; working well in similar communities across Colorado.

Want to learn / have an idea to help / willing to join the effort to protect our community (and your family) from the scourge of trafficking?

NECCAT is a good place to start.